Red Light District Amsterdam window brothels

About Us

RLD Amsterdam Tour is an Amsterdam based tour company offering exclusive walking tours in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, where people get the chance to get an unique look behind the scenes of the world famous Red Light District.

We started in 2017 as a collaboration between a local guides and the prostitutes working behind the windows themselves, and want to give people an insider perspective in a world normally hidden to most people.

We are therefore also the only tour company that offers the ability to have a meet and greet with one of the prostitutes of the Red Light District, and take a look behind the scenes in one of the working rooms behind the red lid windows. This unique opportunity of a look behind the scenes and meeting a real prostitute is an experience you will never forget.

The prostitutes during our tours will share their experiences of working behind the red lid windows. People can ask questions to the prostitutes, to get better insight into the lives of these women. This way we hope to give people a new perspective about the women working behind the windows.

Our local guides are locals of the Red Light District itself, and are insiders of the area. Our guides know most of the people working behind the scenes, including many of the prostitutes. Because of these contacts we can offer realistic information about the Red Light District and the prostitutes behind the windows, as well as the history of the area itself.

RLD Amsterdam Tours has also signed an agreement with the city of Amsterdam regarding our tours, becoming an official partner of the city of Amsterdam. Following the strict guidelines from the city of Amsterdam we want to ensure both our visitors as well as the people in the Red Light District have a good experience during our tours.

To offer our visitors the best experience in the Red Light District we offer 4 different walking tours in the Red Light District. Our tours include a basic walking tour with our local tour guide, a tour including a look inside a real window brothel, a tour including a meet and greet with a real life prostitute and our very special and unique VIP tour, offering a meet and greet with a real prostitute inside a real window brothel.

So come and join our tour and discover the Red Light District the best way anyone can, with real insider’s information, a look behind the scenes and hear the stories of the prostitutes themselves!
What our customers said about us:

"An unforgettable experience!"
"The red light district is an interesting region to explore but it would be much better if there's an insider to clarify all of your doubts and stereotypical thoughts."

"Not to be missed"
"Lots of interesting information and a well given tour."

"Awesome tour!"
"Hands down the best walking tour we have done!! We had a blast!"

"Informative tour"
"Very interesting information about the history and the present situation, both regarding Amsterdam and the district, as well as the prostitutes and the politic discussions going on. Invest in this tour, it may be your best spent money during your visit."