Red Light District Amsterdam window brothel

Behind The Scenes Tour

Ever wondered what a window brothel looks like on the inside? Join our Behind The Scenes Tour and we’ll give you a look behind the scenes in the Red Light District inside a real window brothel and show you the workplaces of the prostitutes during our tour.

The highlights of our tour are:
  • A look inside a real window brothel
  • History of Amsterdam and the Red Light District
  • Prostitutes behind windows
  • The narrowest alley of Amsterdam
  • The main red light district canal
  • Coffeeshops/canabis shops
  • Transgender prostitutes
  • The Old Church
  • Latin American prostitutes
  • Red light and blue light windows
  • World's first condom shop
  • Erotic Museum
  • Banana Bar
  • Theatre Casa Rosso
  • Strip clubs
  • The last peepshow
  • And more...
During this tour we will tell you all about how things work in the Red Light District and while walking through the area we will take you inside a real window brothel, and show you the workplaces of the prostitutes and explain you what’s on the inside and how things work there.
  • Every Monday - Sunday at 16:00
  • Prices: € 27,50 per person incl. VAT
  • Including: Experienced local tour guide
  • Including: Look inside a window brothel
  • Meeting point: Beursplein Amsterdam
*Due to the fact that prostitutes work in the evening in the window brothels in the Red Light District, we can only offer this tour during the day.

**No prostitutes will be present in the window brothel when we will step inside.
Red Light District Amsterdam window brothel

€ 27,50 p.p.
1,5 hours
Max. 15 people

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