Red Light District Amsterdam window brothel with Felicia Anna

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Want a meet and greet with a real prostitute and see the inside of a real window brothel? This is your chance! Nowhere else can you take a look behind the scenes and talk with one of the prostitutes working behind the windows in the Red Light District!

The highlights of our tour are:
  • Meet and greet with prostitute Felicia Anna in a brothel
  • A look inside a real window brothel
  • History of Amsterdam and the Red Light District
  • Prostitutes behind windows
  • The narrowest alley of Amsterdam
  • The main red light district canal
  • Coffeeshops/canabis shops
  • Transgender prostitutes
  • The Old Church
  • Latin American prostitutes
  • Red light and blue light windows
  • World's first condom shop
  • Erotic Museum
  • Banana Bar
  • Theatre Casa Rosso
  • Strip clubs
  • The last peepshow
  • And more...
Our tour guide will take you through the Red Light District and explain you all about the area. We will take you inside a real window brothel to meet with prostitute Felicia Anna who will tell you all about her experiences of working behind the windows in the Red Light District, and will answer all of your questions.
  • Prices: € 30,- per person incl. VAT
  • Including: Experienced local tour guide
  • Including: Window prostitute Felicia Anna
  • Including: Look inside a window brothel
  • Meeting point: Beursplein Amsterdam
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Red Light District Amsterdam window brothel with Felicia Anna

€ 30,- p.p.
1,5 hours
Max. 15 people

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