Red Light District Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Because RLD Amsterdam Tours is the only tour company working together with the prostitutes in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. RLD Amsterdam Tours is also the only tour where you can actually meet a real prostitute working behind the windows, and even take a look inside a real window brothel.

You can book a tour with our online booking system. Just click the tour you want to book and follow the steps. You can pay online with PayPal or creditcard. Once you received a confirmation e-mail your tour has been booked.

Our tours always start at Beursplein, a small public square between Central Station and Dam Square. You will find a detailed description of how to get there in your confirmation email after booking.

Our tour guide always can be recognized by a red umbrella with our company logo, wearing a tourguide badge. Our guide will be at the starting point aprox. 5 minutes before departure.

Our tour guides are experienced local guides with expert knowledge about prostitution and human trafficking and often knowing many of the prositutes working in the area personally, as well as many of the people working behind the scenes.

All our tours are offered in English. Tours can be done in Dutch as well on request, although the prostitute during some of our tours only speak English. If you wish to book a tour in Dutch, please use the contact form for the request on our contact page.

All of our tours take roughly 90 minutes, depending on how busy it is and how many questions there are during the tour. The only exception is our 2 Hour Private Red Light Tour.

Because our tours deal with adult topics we would advise a minimum age of 18 years or older.

Yes, you can still do a tour in the Red Light District because these rules only apply to groups of 5 people or more. Therefore our tours are limited to only 4 people per group.

No, a meet & greet is only featured in the 'Prostitute Guided Red Light Tour' and the 'Exclusive VIP Red Light Tour'. Other tours we offer do not feature prostitutes you can talk with, but only the tour guide.

No, only during the 'Exclusive VIP Red Light Tour' we will step inside a real window brothel to show you where the prostitutes work. But we do not go inside anywhere else.

A guided walking tour through the Red Light District of Amsterdam by a local guide and expert on prostitution.

Yes, the Red Light District of Amsterdam is a very safe place. Our tour guides are also locals from the neighborhood and knows many of the people working in the Red Light District. So you will be completely safe.

If you book our 'Prostitute Guided Tour' or our 'Exclusive VIP Red Light Tour' you can ask questions to a real prostitute working in the Red Light District during the whole tour.

If you book our 'Exclusive VIP Red Light Tour' our tour guide will take you inside a real window brothel and show you the inside of the workplaces of prostitutes.

You can ask your question using our contact form on the contact page.