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Amsterdam's prostitution policy scrapped by court


The city of Amsterdam lost a court case regarding it's prostitution policy. The court case was started by a brothel owner along with several prostitutes against the manucipality. According to them the rules to regulate prostitution went way too far, violating the privacy of the sex workers, thus making them more vulnrable rather then less vunrable as intended by the manucipality.

The manucipality introduced the new rules in 2013, giving brothel operators an important role to combat human trafficking. Among these new rules was an obligatoy 'intake interview' every brothel operator had to do with sex workers that wanted to rent a 'window' from them, to be certain the sex worker in question would be independent enough and not a victim of human trafficking. Brothel operators could even loose their license if they didn't follow the new rules the manucipality introduced.

But the court wondered if brothel owners where the right people to recognize human trafficking, in stead of trained specialists. And the three female judges even found it remarkable that sex workers had to give brothel operators personal information, weakening their position in relation to the brothel operators.

Above all, the fact that the brothel operators had to store the detailed intake forms, and show them when there was an inspection, is in direct violation with privacy rights according to the court.

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