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Amsterdam’s Red Light District ‘Sexy Loo’ might still happen


The city of Amsterdam has to re-evaluate the license for the Sexy Loo, a public restroom in the Red Light District of Amsterdam which will also serve as a selling point for tickets of the Casa Rosso Theatre.

The Council of State disagrees with an earlier verdict of the court in Amsterdam to deny the Casa Rosso a license to open up a public restroom under the name of Sexy Loo. Earlier the court in Amsterdam ruled that the city rightfully denied the Casa Rosso a licence to start a public restroom in the Red Light District.

The denial of the license goes back to the financing of the building where the Casa Rosso wants to open up the Sexy Loo. The building has a mortgage provided by convicted real estate owner Jan-Dirk Paarlberg.

Paarlberg played a crucial role in the extortion of Willem Endstra, better known as the banker of the underworld. Endstra was forced to transfer seventeen million euro to Holleeder, one of the original Heineken kidnappers, using one of the bank accounts of Paarlberg. A portion of the money got invested under the name of Paarlberg in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

This deal still plagues the owners of the Casa Rosso fifteen years later. In February 2017 the court ruled out that the Casa Rosso was allowed a license for their Sexy Loo.

Wednesday morning however the Court of State ruled in favour of the owners of the Casa Rosso. This means that the city will have to re-evaluate the licensing for the public restroom that will be named Sexy Loo.

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