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Amsterdam’s Red Light District opens again 1st of July


After months of being in lockdown due to the corona virus Amsterdam’s world famous Red Light District will open again on the 1st of July. Bars, restaurants and musea in the area were already allowed to be open earlier, but the Dutch government recently announced that also it’s legal sex industry and the coffeeshops are allowed to open up again on the 1st of July.

Until recently the Dutch government stated that sex workers and coffeeshops had to stay closed down until the 1st of September. Sex workers heavily protested this decision as sex workers’ Red Light United, representing sex workers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, send in a special protocol sex workers could use to the Dutch government. Recently also posters were hung in the windows of Amsterdam’s Red Light District in protest against the decision to keep the sex industry closed down until the 1st of September.

Sex workers barely received any financial help during the corona crisis, as sex workers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District only received minimum wage as a financial compensation during the lockdown, while many other sex workers did not receive any financial compensation from the Dutch government at all. Coffeeshops on the other hand were allowed to offer take away for their customers, but are now also allowed to open up again if they can ensure social distancing within the coffeeshop itself.

The decision came as a complete surprise to everyone when Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte made the announcement. Sex workers will be allowed to do business as usual and are not required to wear face masks or limit their sexual services as long as they ensure their customers don’t have any signs of the COVID-19 virus and follow the hygiene protocol strictly.

The decision means the ladies behind the windows will be back from the 1st of July in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, but also that the famous live sex shows and strip clubs, such as the Casa Rosso and Bananenbar, are allowed to open up again. Together with the coffeeshops being allowed to completely open up again it will mean the Red Light District will come back to life from the 1st of July.

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