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Are tours still allowed in Amsterdam's Red Light District?


Unlike what you may have heard in the media, tours are still allowed in Amsterdam's Red Light District. From the 1st of April the city has implemented a new local law, which forbids tours of 5 people or more in the Red Light District after 7 PM. This means tours are still allowed in the evening, although with smaller groups of maximum 4 people.

From the 1st of January 2020 the city also plans to ban tours in the Red Light District in the daytime. This is however just a plan so far, which means it is not official yet. The city council still has to vote on this measure.

We are assuming the plan to ban tours also in the daytime from 2020 will use the same rules as currently apply to evening tours. This means tours will also be still possible with groups of maximum 4 people.

We will therefore also continue doing our tours, and follow all the local laws. We think it's important to do our tours, to raise respect for the sex workers of the Red Light District, as well as the whole neighborhood.

We also often get praise from the sex workers in the Red Light District, who compliment us on our excellent tours, spreading the truth about sex work in the Red Light District, and making people understand that sex work is real work.

Many of the sex workers we have spoken with do not agree with the new policies, and neither do we, or most of the other tour operators. These local laws where pushed through without consulting the tour operators, as we had to hear about these rules from the media.

But regardless of what the future will hold in store, we will continue doing our tours, both daytime and nighttime, so you can always discover the Red Light District safely with an experienced local guide.

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