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No tours allowed in the Red Light District in the evenings!(?)


From the 1st of April new regulations from the city of Amsterdam forbid walking tours in the Red Light District with 5 or more people after 7 PM. That's why from April the 1st we offer a whole new set of walking tours in the Red Light District to explore it the best way possible with one of our local guides.

Red Light District Nighttime Tour
Don't worry, you can still do a Red Light District walking tour with us after 7 PM if you are with 4 people or less. To see the Red Light District really come to life at night we offer you this amazing evening walking tour for €30,- per person. The benefits of this tour is that the groups will be smaller, and therefore more personal and less crowded, plus you get to see the Red Light District really coming to life. You can join this tour at 7 PM or at 9 PM, and we recommend doing the 9 PM tour to get the best experience.

Red Light District Daytime Tour
Of course we continue doing our Red Light District walking tour during the daytime for the affordable €15,- per person at 14:00 and at 16:00. Because yes, the Red Light District is also open during the daytime, and there are also ladies behind the windows in the day, although obviously less than during the evening. The groups are still maximum 20 people in size, due to city regulations for tours in this area.

VIP Red Light Tour
We will also continue our highly popular VIP Red Light Tour at 4 PM for €30,- per person which includes an exclusive Meet & Greet with a sex worker from the Red Light District in one of the window brothels. This tour is like no other in the Red Light District, as only this tour offers you the chance to talk with one of the ladies behind the windows, and actually taking a look behind the scenes. This tour is only available for 10 people or less. You can't get this anywhere else!

Behind The Scenes Tour
Our other exclusive walking tours are our Behind The Scenes tour at 2 and 4 PM for only €25,- per person, offering people a look inside a real brothel, instead of the fake ones you might see in some museums in the area. Also this tour is exclusively possible with us and is available for groups of 10 people or less.

Meet A Prostitute Tour
And from the 24th of April we will start again with a Meet A Prostitute Tour at 4 PM for only €25,- per person, offering a Meet & Greet with one of the sex workers during our walking tour. A great choice for those who feel uncomfortable to step inside a brothel, or only want the real story from a sex worker herself, rather than other people. Also this tour is an exclusive tour from us you can't get anywhere else, and allows for groups of 20 people or less.

Private Red Light Tour
We've replaced our other exclusive tours with a Private Red Light Tour, which offers you a private tour for only €40,- per person with our local expert at 2 or 4 PM. We can accommodate groups up to 20 people, and of course bigger groups will get a discount from us.

If you want our recommendation, it really depends on what you want to explore in the Red Light District. If you're on a budget, the regular Red Light District walking tour in the daytime is your best option. But the Red Light District really comes to life at night, so it's definitely worth the €30,- to see it really come to life at night. But if you're really looking more for an in-depth tour, we recommend our best-selling VIP Red Light Tour which offers you a unique experience and perspective that no other tour can offer you.

In short, the choice is yours. So which tour are you going to pick?

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