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Corona updates


During the Covid-19 pandemic there are limiting rules for the Red Light District, as well as for gathering in groups. This has consequences for the tours we offer.

Current situation
At this moment the Red Light District is open in the daytime only, because there is a partial lockdown. As a result the prostitutes, live shows, bars and restaurants all close down at 17:00. Only supermarkets and essential shops are allowed to stay open after that until 20:00.

Wearing a face mask outdoors is not required, although social distancing 1,5 meters indoors and outdoors is enforced. Face masks are however required when visiting shops or public buildings. For visiting musea, bars, restaurants and erotic entertainment a face mask is not required but a QR code as proof of being vaccinated or having negatively tested for Covid-19 is required. A face mask or QR code is not required for people visiting the prostitutes.

As a result of the current measures the area is almost completely dormant after 17:00. Due to the fact that the area is dormant after 17:00, and the government has urged people to work from home as much as possible, we have decided to discontinue our tours for the time being. The current lockdown measures are valid until the 18th of December.

**The above mentioned information can be subject to changes. We will update this page if we receive new information from the Dutch government.

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