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Corona updates


During the Covid-19 pandemic there are limiting rules for the Red Light District, as well as for gathering in groups. This has consequences for the tours we offer.

Current situation
At this moment everything is open in the Red Light District. The windows with prostitutes remain open until 6 AM in the morning, while erotic entertainment and bars are allowed to remain open until midnight. Shops in the Red Light District close down as usual at 22:00 just like in the rest of Amsterdam.

There are some restrictions to visiting bars, restaurants and erotic entertainment however. People have to remain seated while they are inside. Nightclubs remain closed however for the moment.

For people visiting the Red Light District we recommend visiting the area after 9 PM to see the area really coming to life, as most of the prostitutes won't start until after that time. If you wish to avoid crowded periods, we recommend avoiding the weekends after 21:00 and visiting the area in the daytime.

Our tours are available again as usual at 17:00, 19:00 and 21:00 every day. Do make sure you book in advance, since tickets can sell out quickly on the day itself. Face masks are not required when visiting the area outside or inside, people do however have to keep social distance with 1,5 meters from each other.

**The above mentioned information can be subject to changes. We will update this page if we receive new information from the Dutch government.

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