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Founder of Bulldog coffeeshop Amsterdam passed away


The founder of the Bulldog coffeeshop, Willie de Vries, passed away at the age of 62. She was the women behind the man and the Bulldog company.

In a full page ad in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf the family members and Bulldog team pay their respects to their founder. "With all of her lust for life and willpower she was not able to win the battle. After all the good years we had with her, with great sorrow we have to say goodbey to our Willie, my dreamwife, caring mother and grandmother" it says in the ad of the family.

Next to her picture in the newspaper there are 28 mourning ads with messages from the other Bulldog coffeeshops: "Thanks for you love, care and loyalty. You'll stay in our memories forever" and "For you dying didn't happen quickly. You've fought bravely. Nobody knows what you could've felt. Or what you have suffered."

On their Facebook page they posted a picture of Willie de Vries with the text: "The de Vries family is sad to announce the passing of Willie de Vries, the founder of The Bulldog and loving woman behind the man and company. She will always remain in our hearts forever."

The Bulldog coffeeshop is one of the oldest coffeeshops of Amsterdam. They started out by selling cannabis in 1975 in their coffeeshop in the Red Light District and have since become of of the most famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

We want to pass on our condolances to the family De Vries and the team of the Bulldog coffeeshops in memoriam of Willie de Vries.

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