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Mayor of Amsterdam announces harsh measures for Red Light District


The mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, had announced some new harsh measures against tourism in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

To kick off the new measures large banners where placed throughout the Red Light District calling out that alcohol consumption is not allowed in the area. This law already existed, but many tourists were not aware of these laws, as signs in the Red Light District were often hard to spot.

Bars are also not allowed anymore to poor more alcohol to customers who are already intoxicated. If they overpoor customers they can loose their license. This is to prevent people becoming too drunk. And also food shops have to close down earlier in the night, 4 AM instead of 6 AM, to prevent people from sticking around late at night for a snack.

Furthermore the mayor also announced that tours are not allowed anymore in the evening in the Red Light District from the 1st of April. This is done also to reduce the business in the Red Light District, which is mainly on the evenings.

Also canal tours with canal boats are no longer allowed in the evening. And to ensure these new measures are being upholded, the city will add more city officials on the streets to give out tickets to people violating the local laws.

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