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RLD Amsterdam Tours signs agreement with city of Amsterdam


At 9 AM this morning RLD Amsterdam Tours has signed the agreement for tour guides in the Red Light District of Amsterdam with the city of Amsterdam. By signing this agreement RLD Amsterdam Tours has become an official partner with the city and other tour guides to reduce complaints from tour groups in the Red Light District.

For RLD Amsterdam Tours signing the agreement is an important moment, because we want to show that we can provide guided tours in the Red Light District in a responsible way, without causing any inconvenience for the inhabitants of the district, but more importantly for the prostitutes that work in the district.

Because we have a lot of connections with the prostitutes in the Red Light District, we frequently hear the prostitutes complaining about the many other tour guides in the area that are disrespectful and go around the area in groups that are far too large for this area with it's narrow alleys.

For us the rules of the agreement are very much self-explanatory, as we've also helped to design this agreement, even before we started offering tours ourselves. Still we want to express the importance of giving tours to people which everyone can enjoy, without causing any trouble to the people living or working in the area. That is why this morning we signed the agreement with the city of Amsterdam.

For more information about the convenant, you can visit the website of the city of Amsterdam here.

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