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Stricter rules for tour guides Red Light District of Amsterdam


Guides with tour groups in the Red Light District of Amsterdam will have to follow stricter rules, that's the new plan of the city of Amsterdam to combat the busyness in the Red Light District. Every week there are about 31.000 visitors in the area.

To fight the busyness from the 1st of April the city of Amsterdam will introduce strict rules to tour guides in the Red Light District. Tour guides need a license for giving tours to groups larger than 5 people. Groups of 20 people or more are by definition not allowed anymore. Whoever doesn’t follow the new rules can get a €190 fine per tour guide.

The new rules don’t just apply for tour guides, but for all commercial activities involving groups being led through the area, for example also the pub crawls. The new rules are a response to the covenant signed earlier this year by some tour guides, including RLD Amsterdam Tours. The covenant however proved to be not enough, since only 40% of the tour guides had signed the agreement.

With the new strict rules alderman Udo Kok hopes to bring back the balance to this area, although there’s no limit to the number of tour guides that can apply for a license. The new rules will begin from the 1st of April 2018.

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