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We are starting our tours in the Red Light District again


From the 1st of June we will start again with our tours in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. This means from that date you can book tours again for all of our tours. To ensure everyone’s safety and health during the period the COVID-19 crisis is among us, we have taken several safety measures for our tours to ensure safety for both our guests as well as our tour guides in correspondence with the advice and rules of the Dutch government regarding the COVID-19 virus. These rules are as followed:

- Wear a face mask for the complete duration of the tour
- If you feel sick or are feeling any of the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, stay inside.
- If you start feeling any symptoms during the tour, leave the tour immediately and head back.
- Keep 1,5 meter distance during the tour with others who are not part of your own household.
- Do not shake hands and sneeze or cough in your elbows.

Our tours are already designed to maximize the number of attendees to only 4 people per tour, this should already prevent a possible spread of the virus for the most part.

What is there to see currently in the Red Light District?
From the 1st of July everything is open again in the Red Light District, this includes the bars, coffeeshops, window brothels, erotic entertainment and restaurants. In short, it is business as usual although people will have to keep a 1,5 meter distance both inside and outside. For this reason some of the bars have gotten more room for terraces outside, which is perfect for the summer period. From the 5th of August people are also required to wear a non-medical face mask in the Red Light District, due to the fact that it can become busy at time and the 1,5 meter distance cannot always be ensured because of this. It's important to understand the face mask is not a replacement for the 1,5 meter social distancing rule, but works more as a additional measure since social distancing is not always possible in this sometimes crowded area.

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