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We are starting our tours in the Red Light District again


From the 1st of June we will start again with our tours in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. This means from that date you can book tours again for all of our tours. To ensure everyone’s safety and health during the period the COVID-19 crisis is among us, we have taken several safety measures for our tours to ensure safety for both our guests as well as our tour guides in correspondence with the advice and rules of the Dutch government regarding the COVID-19 virus. These rules are as followed:

- If you feel sick or are feeling any of the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, stay inside.
- If you start feeling any symptoms during the tour, leave the tour immediately and head back.
- Keep 1,5 meter distance during the tour with others who are not part of your own household.
- Do not shake hands and sneeze or cough in your elbows.

Our tours are already designed to maximize the number of attendees to only 4 people per tour, this should already prevent a possible spread of the virus for the most part. Furthermore you can wear mouth masks during the tour if this makes you feel more comfortable, but this is not a requirement of the Dutch government or our company.

What is there to see currently in the Red Light District?
Even though we are offering tours in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the area is still very quiet at the moment. This means you can safely do a tour without getting into any crowded areas the Dutch government is recommending you avoid. Part of the reason the area is currently so quiet, is due to the fact that the sex industry is not allowed to open until the 1st of July 2020, which means there will not be any ladies behind the windows and all of the live sex shows such as the famous Casa Rosso and Peep Show are closed until that date. The bars, restaurants and museums however are open for business, and also strip club La Vie en Proost in Amsterdam’s Red Light District is open for business. So you can visit many of the bars, and there are many terraces outside, even on the main canal of the Red Light District, where you can sit outside on the canal side, and enjoy the view. Also the Red Light Secrets museum of prostitution and the Erotic museum in the Red Light District are open for visitors.

Which tours do we offer during COVID-19?
Even though the window brothels in Amsterdam’s Red Light District are closed and the sex workers are not allowed to work behind the windows yet, all of our tours are still available, including tours that offer a sex worker led tour and/or offer a look inside one of the window brothels. All tours will still include the topic of sex work and also gives insight into the current situation of sex workers during this crisis.

Discounts on tours until the 1st of September
Due to the fact that we are in a crisis, we have decided to give people that book a tour before the 1st of September a massive discount. The discount we offer is 25% on the original tour price for all of our tours. In order to get the discount you can use the following discount code: CORONA25. Simply copy the code and paste it in during the booking process to apply the discount.

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