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Window brothel damaged by fireworks


A window brothel in the Red Light District of Amsterdam got damaged in the evening of the 5th of Januari. Both the door as well as the glass where heavily damaged when around 7PM a loud explosion could be heard. Presumably the explosion was the result of fireworks, which someone put on the door.

Local news channel AT5 reported the incident a couple of days later, but we already spotted the damage only a couple of hours after the explosion. At the moment we arrived the glass had already been replaced (see photo), but the damage on the door was still visible.

The brothel operator was kind enough to show us the result of the explosion right after the incident, which resulted in a hole in the window and a part of the door being damaged. The entire window was broken and therefore had to be replaced. Glass was scattered throughout the working room the door belonged to.

Fortunately there was no prostitute working there at the moment the incident happened, but even though the window was replaced in matter of about an hour, the prostitute opted to work in a different room from the same owner.

Eyewitnesses described people jumping away as the explosion happened, with some of them covering their ears. One eyewitness describes that one person was bleeding out of their ears after the explosion, but the police reports nobody was injured.

According to AT5 the brothel owner has filed charges after the incident, although the police denies to have received any. The police however has started an investigation after the incident, saying the explosion was the result of heavy fireworks.

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