Sex shows and strip clubs

Besides it’s many red lid windows, the Red Light District of Amsterdam also offers plenty of erotic entertainment. From stipbars where topless waitresses serve drinks and you can buy a lapdance, to peepshows, video cabins with porn movies, the world's first 5D porn cinema and even live porno shows with real girls, couples and even hot guys. In the Red Light District there are 7 different erotic venues offering all kinds of adult entertainment.

Theatre Casa Rosso

Theatre Casa Rosso in Amsterdam

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The world famous sex theatre!

5D Porn

5D Porn cinema in Amsterdam

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The world's first 5D porn cinema!


Bananenbar in Amsterdam

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Erotic entertainment with bananas

Hospital Bar

Hospital Bar in Amsterdam

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A sexy nurse a day keeps the doctor away

Sex Palace

Sex Palace Peepshow in Amsterdam

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Peepshows and private video cabins

La Vie en Proost

La Vie en Proost in Amsterdam

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Topless girls, gogo dancers and lapdancers

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam

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Live erotic shows and drinks