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The Red Light District of Amsterdam is worldwide famous for it’s many red lid prostitution windows, from which behind prostitutes attract their customers. The Red Light District is located in the city’s center, close to Amsterdam Central Station, in the oldest part of the city. In total there are 288 individual windows in the district located in 89 different brothels, spread over an area of 17 different streets and alleys. On a daily base there are about 400 prostitutes working in the area.

Most windows are concentrated on the main red light canal, the Oudezijds Achterburgwal and it’s connected alleys. The Oudezijds Achterburgwal alone already counts more than 90 windows, with additional windows in the connected alleyways. Behind these windows you will find a mix of mostly Eastern European prostitutes as well as some other nationalities.

Around the Old Church you will find another 26 windows, which are mainly occupied by Latin-American prostitutes. The windows are spread all around the centuries old church and are characteristic for this area and it’s long history with prostitution.

The Sint Annenkwartier is a small quarter with a network of narrow alleys with in total 45 windows. Some of the windows are even located indoors in a small passageway. Mostly occupied by Eastern European prostitutes, the narrow alleys are perfect to sneak quickly inside for customers who want to visit a prostitute in a more discrete way.

About 85% of the windows are occupied by women, and a small 15% are occupied by transgender prostitutes. Transgender prostitutes are allowed to work anywhere, but most of them can be found in the Bloedstraat, which is notorious for it’s many transgender prostitutes, although in the evening also women work in this street.

The Red Light District itself does not have any opening hours, since it’s just a neighborhood, and therefore people live and work there as well. Window brothels however have to be closed down between 6 AM and 8 AM in the morning due to city regulations.

The minimum price in the area is €50 euro for 15 minutes, but prostitutes are free to charge what they want. Services can range from simple oral sex to anal, threesomes, sex with couples, bdsm and kinky sex and even women are welcome with some of the prostitutes. Everything depends on the willingness of the prostitute for the services they want to provide and the price that is negotiated.

Most prostitutes choose to work in the evening rather than the day time, meaning during the day a majority of the window brothels will be empty. During the evening however most, if not all, of the windows are occupied by prostitutes offering their services.

Taking pictures or videos of the prostitutes is strictly forbidden. Most prostitutes will also heavily protest against people taking pictures or videos, sometimes even resulting in throwing water at people doing so. Therefore it would be best for your own safety not to take pictures or videos, and keep your phone in your pocket while visiting the area.

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